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Fujihoro Kettle (White) – Tea pot with Wooden Handle


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A kitchen isn’t complete without a Kettle, and what better than the time honoured and authentic porcelain enamel coated kettles with wooden handles? This one comes in an elegant white! Express your individuality, make every cup of tea a little more charming with this Fujihoro white kettle. (Did we tell you they work as well on camp fire as they do on a induction stove?)

Fujihoro Japa - Since 1947 - Sold online at Jugmug ThelaJugmug Thela presents a selection of Fujihoro’s Enamelled Steel Tea Pots & Kettles.
Fujihoro has been manufacturing its Porcelain Enamelled Steel Products since 1947 and is currently one of the most reliable manufacturers in enamelled cookware. Manufactured under superior Japanese craftsmanship, the enamel cookware is assured of lasting quality and performance.

Fujihoro Kettles & Tea Pots are porcelain enamelled on steel which are colourful and colour-fast. These kettles are extremely hygienic as the surface has a non-porous hardened vitreous coating and is absolutely stain resistant, odourless, bacteria free once cleaned and retains the natural taste of tea.

Th Fujihoro White Kettle is lightweight, durable, good for all heat sources (including induction) and perfect for the contemporary kitchen. Its liquid holding capacity is 1.6 liters.