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Pasta Verde ~ Traditional Fettuccine Egg Pasta with Spinach


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Pasta Verde is not just green and beautiful – it fortifies your cheese & pasta indulgence with vitamin and nutrient rich real spinach. Now that cheesy Fettuccine Alfredo will not just come to life with colour – it will also be more healthy and delicious.

Made with respect to traditional recipes and techniques – fresh spinach puree is added to the dough that gives it the beautiful colour with only a mild flavour of spinach. Part of our Gourmet Pantry, this versatile pasta with spinach  is made using 100% Organic Flour & Eggs, and is the prettier cousin of our classic Pasta Romano.

Handcrafted by Donna Pastaia using 100% Organic Flour and traditional roman techniques including slow drying to retain all it’s natural goodness – Pasta Verde inspires freshness, health and deliciousness on plate!

Fettuccine is the name of the shape of pasta which is flat and about 1/4th of an inch wide. It is amongst the favourite of gourmands as it’s higher surface area allows for all the flavours of your sauces to nicely cover and coat the pasta.

Proudly handmade in India by: Donna Pastaia for Jugmug Thela.
Ingredients: Organic Flour, Eggs & Spinach
Net Qty: 200gm | Serves 2-3 persons