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  • Sicilian Style pasta with Semolina Donna Pastaia for Jugmug Thela

Sicilian Style ~ Eggless Semolina Fettuccine Pasta


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The Southern most island of Italy – Sicily – is home to oldest documented recipes in the history of Europe – dating back to 5th century. Sicilian Style Eggless Fettuccine Pasta is made with that legacy and recipe that retains the authenticity of Sicily’s culinary traditions.

Handcrafted by Donna Pastaia using 100% Organic Semolina & Olive Oil and traditional Italian techniques including slow drying to retain all it’s natural goodness – Sicilian Style Pasta is all about island life, tradition and simplicity.

Fettuccine is the name of the shape of pasta which is flat and about 1/4th of an inch wide. It is amongst the favourite of gourmands as its higher surface area allows for all the flavours of your sauces to nicely cover and coat the pasta.

Proudly handmade in India by: Donna Pastaia for Jugmug Thela.
Ingredients: Organic Semolina, Organic Flour & Olive Oil.
Net Qty: 200gm | Serves 2-3 persons